MANILA, Philippines – From Beatlemania to BTS mania, pop music’s colorful history has taught us to never underestimate the power of fangirls and fanboys. There’s no denying that the term is often used with derogatory and dismissive connotation. But at the end of the day, these fans wield theContinue Reading

A dermatologist is a type of doctor that diagnoses and treats conditions that affect your hair, skin, and nails. They also treat conditions that affect mucous membranes, or the delicate tissue that lines your nose, mouth, and eyelids. The primary reasons for these visits include treating: skin lesions acne skinContinue Reading

With a range of new events and immersive experiences planned over the next few months, Image Skincare, the clean, clinical skincare brand beloved by professionals and enthusiasts alike, announced today that members of the brand’s community will have the opportunity to experience the brand’s expertise and expand their knowledge ofContinue Reading

Many of the stories in cult skincare brand Aesop’s new book have an element of charm that suggests they’ve taken more inspiration from the famous Greek storyteller than just his name. There’s the tale of emptying bagfuls of fallen leaves over the floors of select Aesop stores in autumn, toContinue Reading

  The most talked-about member of the team is undoubtedly DK Metcalf, a football player from the University of Mississippi who has already been named to several Freshman All-America teams. With his athletic ability and his ability to make big plays, he is expected to make an impact on theContinue Reading