Five Essentials when Taking a Trip in the New Normal

The world stood still in 2020 and everyone was not able to go about their outside tasks and plans freely. This also meant trips were put on hold, especially if they were non-essential. For those who miss the feeling of going out and have been vaccinated already, now would be a good time to start making plans.

Don’t forget the following when you finally take that trip and venture outside:

Moisturizer and Sunscreen

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It’s easy to assume you don’t need to prepare your skin when you’re going on a trip, especially when you’re wearing a face mask and shield anyway, but remember that harmful UV rays may still pass through these barriers. Apply your sunscreen before you leave the house, after a moisturizer for oily skin. Then, reapply as needed. You may also apply a cooling mist when you feel sweaty while outside. This way, you will not have to touch your face to apply a product.

Change of Clothes

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If you’re going to a high-traffic area and then you’re going to meet some people, changing your clothes is a must. Remember that the virus may linger on surfaces and pieces of clothing for days. If you’ve been in a particularly crowded area (given the new normal), there’s no knowing what viruses have stuck to your clothes. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by changing your clothes before meeting them.

Water Bottle


Hydration has always been important even before the new normal, but now it’s more important than ever to bring your own water bottle. This minimizes the contact from other people if you don’t have to get water from them, and you’re also sure that your bottle is clean when it’s from home. Furthermore, this ensures that you are drinking water that you are already familiar with, reducing the chances of an upset stomach when you’re on a trip.

Extra Face Mask

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If you’re wearing a disposable surgical mask, a lot of mishaps may happen. The straps may break, or it may smudge your lipstick. If you have a cloth mask, you will not have to deal with strap breakage, but if you drop the face mask while you’re eating, it will not be clean enough to be worn again. These are just two scenarios that may happen, which warrants the need for an extra mask when you’re going out. If it’s a particularly long trip, remember that you do need to replace your mask every 8 hours!

Spray Bottle of Alcohol


If you have gel sanitizer, that’s good, but it will be even better if you have a spray bottle containing alcohol. A spray will cover more surface area, which means you can disinfect faster. This is also an economical way to use alcohol. Plus, alcohol evaporates faster when sprayed in tiny particles rather than when rubbed on your hands and on surfaces.

Now that you know the five essentials to take with you when you go on your trip, have fun and remember to stay safe!