Why is ethical fashion important?

Fast fashion is known for being cheap and accessible, but at what cost? Today there are more affordable sustainable clothing brands choosing to put people and the planet first, and we’re sharing 15 of the best and affordable sustainable clothing brands changing the face of our current fashion industry. Read in detail about ethical clothing in Australia.

Why Fast Fashion Is A BIG Problem

Today it is estimated that the average American will discard roughly 81 pounds of clothing every year, which results in 3.8 billion pounds of post-consumer textile waste landing in landfills. In the simplest financial sense this is money poorly spent and ultimately wasted. Ethically and environmentally speaking there is an even greater cost to the way view our clothes and support fast fashion. 

But when it comes to shopping affordable sustainable clothing brands there still remains an issue of access when it comes to finding ethical and affordable sustainable clothing that can meet the needs of those on a smaller budget.

What Are Affordable Sustainable Clothing Brands?

Sustainable clothing brands are typically going to be more expensive than the prices we are used to seeing from fast fashion retailers for a number of reasons:

  • Fair Wages: Fast fashion retailers are known for not paying their garment workers fairly for their work, which results in a cheeper cost to the consumer, but encouraging a cycle of poverty and poor working conditions for garment workers. Sustainable clothing brands are investing in paying their garment workers fairly and supporting healthy working conditions, which results in a higher priced end product.
  • Better Materials: Sustainable clothing brands are using sustainably sourced materials that do not negatively impact our planet. These materials are usually grown using organic practices, and dyed using safe natural dyes that do not negatively impact the health of local environments or garment workers.
  • Environmental Friendly Business Practices: From investing in carbon neutral initiatives to choosing regenerative and renewal materials, sustainable and ethical clothing brands are putting the environment over profit, but results in a higher cost end product.

Affordable sustainable clothing brands, are brands who recognize the need to make sustainably produced clothing more accessible to the greater public, and are often large enough to offset some of their costs to bring the cost of their products down to a place that is in line with more mainstream retailers. While affordable sustainable clothing will never be “cheap”, with more people interested in purchasing affordable sustainable clothing, more brands have been able to bring their costs down and make sustainable clothing more accessible than ever.

Price Does Not Equal Quality Or Sustainability

Before we get into some of our favorite more affordable ethical clothing brands, it is important that we acknowledge that just because something is expensive does not mean it was made ethically or is even high quality. Due to the nature of fast fashion, many expensive clothing brands charge based on what their brand worth represents to consumers, and not based on the actually quality and ethical manufacturing of their clothing.

Most often in fact, designer brands will be among the worst offenders using unethical practicing all the way from the manufacturing of their clothing, to the giant rip off they charge to consumers.